The BH Difference

Is Benchmark Homes Different From Other Builders in Northern Colorado?

Benchmark Homes has a dedicated team and a proven systems approach to building. From the early stages of conceptual design to the final days of getting to know your new home, the team at Benchmark Homes will be there to serve you on a regular basis.

Built in the USA

New home construction is one of the last hand-built products in the USA. Benchmark chooses to source most all of the components used in our homes from the USA. American made products provide quality, reduce transportation costs and help supports jobs for our friends, family and neighbors.

A Systems-Based Approach – Another BH Difference

A System’s Based Approach to home building insures that all aspects of construction work together to create a more comfortable environment that uses less energy and lasts longer than a conventionally code-built product. Building Codes create minimum building standards that are “practical and adequate for protecting life, safety, and welfare of the public.” A Systems Based Approach exceeds the minimum standards by applying the principles of housing science into construction methods that produce a high performance home. In addition to the systems we employ to complete the product, we have more systems in place that help manage the relationship between the client and the Home Builder.


Microsoft applications, monitor scheduling, communications, accounting and budgeting.
*Benchmark Homes controls the process, and shares information with you via email updates on weekly basis.

Exceptional Service

Walk through the whole process from start to finish.

Superior Quality

Carefully vetted products and materials to help reduce maintenance, delivery and installation costs.
*The team at Benchmark Homes makes themselves available to support you as you get to know your new home. Being a hand-built product, there may be things that we need to take care of to keep your home to the standards we define as exceptional.


Options and imagination allows us all to personalize our living environments. The team at Benchmark Homes will help you create a home that suits your lifestyle. Design meetings, whether via teleconferencing, online chat sessions or face-face design reviews result in solutions to keep your project on schedule, within budget and with the features you want to make your life more convenient.