Sustainable Building

At Benchmark Homes, we are unwavering in our adherence to sustainable building practices. Not only is a “Green” home better for the environment but it is also a healthier home for the family. Sustainable building practices are also built to be more energy-efficient which saves the homeowner money in heating and cooling costs on a monthly basis.

Following the Energy Efficiency Building Associations, Best Practices approach to home construction, Benchmark Homes is committed to building homes that will last a long time, consume less energy, function as designed and are comfortable to live in.

The Direct Results For The Homeowner

Lower energy bills
Less maintenance
Higher quality materials
Improved indoor air quality
Safer living environment
Less wasted energy
Higher resale value
Peace of mind
…all at a fraction of the total building cost!

Fossil Furnace vs. Geo Thermal

Geo Thermal is an enticing option to heating and cooling your home. Geo Thermal uses the constant underground temperature of the earth to pull heat out of your house in the summer and pull and store heat from the earth to heat your house during the winter. With Geo Thermal there is no need to have your house connected to either propane or natural gas. Install a photo voltaic solar panel to your system and you could essentially be living off “The Grid”.

Insulated Windows

Benchmark’s standard grade window is Low Emittance glass with insulted frames. Low E glass help keep the heat inside during the winter and the heat outside during the summer.

Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation

One of the fundamentals to building energy efficient homes is an increased R-Value. Resistance-Value, is how good your insulation package is at slowing down the transfer of heat. The higher R-Value, the slower heat will move through a wall or roof cavity. Blown in insulation achieves a higher R-Value than conventional insulation batts are able to deliver.

High Efficiency Appliances

Energy Star rated appliances get more energy usage out of every dollar spent.

Quality Materials for Sustainable Building

Quality materials last longer than budget items. That saves in maintenance and replacement costs, keeps more waste out of our landfills and are more enjoyable to have in your home.

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