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Benchmark Homes is a Northern Colorado custom home builder, building environmentally friendly, and energy efficient homes with a high-level of design. Managed by John Clarkson, Benchmark Homes is part of a collection of real estate development companies that have been operating in Northern Colorado by the Clarkson Family over the past fifty years. Experienced in real estate, residential and commercial development, land acquisitions and business development, the Clarkson name carries with it a wealth of knowledge about building homes.

Northern Colorado Custom Home Builder

In fact, over the past 50 years the Clarkson Family has built thousands of new homes in the Northern Colorado region and has been realized as one of Northern Colorado’s premier builders for many years in a row.

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Northern Colorado Custom Home Builder

Benchmark Homes wants to make the home buying process as easy as possible for you. That’s why we’ve removed the worry of finding a mortgage company that will go above and beyond your needs and provide the best possible financing options. Our preferred lenders meet or exceed our high quality standards for service, fees, and rates. We work closely with our preferred lenders to coordinate your financing and housing needs and move you in with less money.

Benchmark Homes has a dedicated team and a proven systems approach to building. From the early stages of conceptual design to the final days of getting to know your new home, the team at Benchmark Homes will be there to serve you on a regular basis.

Built in the USA

New home construction is one of the last hand-built products in the USA. Benchmark chooses to source most all of the components used in our homes from the USA. American made products provide quality, reduce transportation costs and help supports jobs for our friends, family and neighbors.