Northern Colorado Custom Home Builder

We’re a northern Colorado custom home builder that’s unwavering in our adherence to sustainable building practices. Not only is a “Green” home better for the environment but it is also a healthier home for the family. Sustainable building practices are also built to be more energy-efficient which saves the homeowner money in heating and cooling costs on a monthly basis.

Following the Energy Efficiency Building Associations, Best Practices approach to home construction, Benchmark Homes (located in northern Colorado) is committed to building homes that will last a long time, consume less energy, function as designed and are comfortable to live in.

The direct results for you are:
Lower energy bills
Less maintenance
Higher quality materials
Improved indoor air quality
Safer living environment
Less wasted energy
Higher resale value
…all at a fraction of the total building cost!
Contact us so we can answer all your questions. We’re a northern Colorado home builder.

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